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ThyssenKrupp Encasa have been operating in the UK since 1991 in the supply and manufacture of stairlifts, home lifts and platform lifts. Their UK headquarters is based in Stockton on Tees and they are part of the globally renowned ThyssenKrupp AG. For the past 20 years they have dealt with councils and local authorities, where they have established a reputation for quality and service. Building upon this wealth of experience, they now also offer a local service to the domestic market across the whole of the UK.


ThyssenKrupp Encasa manufacture two models of straight stairlift called the Levant and the Comfort and a curved stairlift known as the Flow 2. One feature that we particularly like about all their stairlifts is the fact that they are actually fitted to the staircase and not to the wall. This allows a very quick installation with the minimal disruption to your home.


The Comfort Straight Stairlift


As its name suggests, the Comfort has been specifically designed to offer exceptional comfort and has been awarded the "Rehacare Design Award Good Design". Upon installation, it will be individually adjusted to the user's height, ensuring the maximum comfort and safety.


With any stairlift, safety is the most paramount concern. The Comfort offers a swivel seat that can be turned to face the landing or the bottom of the stairs, enabling easy mounting and dismounting. It also has curved foldable armrests for added safety and comfort. When not in use, the seat, arms and footrest can be folded away, keeping the hallway and staircase free from obstruction.


The Levant Straight Stairlift


The Levant straight stairlift offers all the features of the Comfort, but with a wider ergonomically designed seat for optimal comfort. Even with the slightly larger seat, the discreet design ensures that when folded up, there is ample space for other users to easily use the stairs.



The Flow 2 Curved Stairlift


ThyssenKrupp Encasa's flagship model is their award winning Flow 2 curved stairlift. The Flow 2 features a patented auto-swivel design, which allows the user to turn whilst the lift is moving. This unique feature is not found on any other stairlift on the market and enables the Flow 2 to be fitted on even the narrowest of staircases.


The Flow 2 also features a unique drop nose, which significantly reduces the amount of space that is required, since the rail can finish at the bottom riser. In most instances, the only option available is to install a powered hinge, which is not only costly, but also becomes an ugly focal point.


When we were first approached by ThyssenKrupp Encasa to be listed on Stairlift Advisor, we wanted to ensure that they not only offered our customers value for money, but that they would also have the assurance that they are dealing with a reputable company with an outstanding track record. We can happily say that they deliver on both counts. With their award winning designs and commitment to quality and innovation, we cannot recommend them highly enough.


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