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Straight Stairlifts

The layout of your staircase will determine whether you need a straight or curved lift. Straight stairlifts run along a straight rail and are easier to install, and therefore less expensive, than curved models. Usually the footrest will be level with the top stair when the stairlift comes to a halt.

If you have a straight staircase, a straight stairlift will be what you need. For staircases that turn at the top for only a few steps, it’s possible to buy a bridging platform with most straight stairlifts that reaches to the landing.

In certain situations it is possible to install 2 straight stairlifts on a curved staircase, which may be a cheaper option than purchasing a curved stairlift. This would only be a viable option if the user is able to transfer from one stairlift to the other. When the surveyor visits your home to give you your free quote, they will be able to assess whether a straight or curved lift would be best for your stairs and your needs.