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Outdoor Stairlifts

If have outside steps to your front or back door, or there are steps to access your garden, there are several outdoor stairlifts models available. Outdoor stairlifts work in the same way as indoor models, but are manufactured especially for exterior use in any weather.


Companion’s outdoor stairlift is designed for straight staircases only. It has a manual swivel seat, which is upholstered in slate grey. It has its own waterproof cover to protect it from falling leaves or adverse weather conditions.


Acorn manufactures an outdoor stairlift that benefits from similar features as the indoor Superglide stairlift. All its metallic parts are powdercoated so they won’t rust in damp conditions. This stairlift is also heat and UV resistant and suitable for use near the sea as it won’t be damaged by salty air.


The Stannah outdoor stairlift can be fitted to solid concrete, solid wood or metal steps, as long as there are no bends or curves. It has been tested to work in any type of weather and will operate at any temperature from -10˚C up to 40˚C.