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Special Offers

We have teamed up with Companion Stairllifts to offer our customers exclusive discounts that you will not find anywhere else.
To really help with the cost of your new stairlift, we are also offering 25% off all Companion Stairlifts. Just click here for this exclusive voucher

Terms & Conditions

In order to be eligible for the 25% off Companion voucher, the initial contact with our partner, Companion Stairlifts, must have been made by you submitting your correct contact details through the "free voucher" form on this website. If Companion Stairlifts already held your contact details prior to you filling out the "free voucher" form on this website, you will not be eligible to receive the discount voucher.

This special offer is only available to customers who, after submitting their details through the "free voucher" form on the StairliftAdvisor.co.uk website, subsequently purchase a stairlift based on the quote received from Companion Stairlifts. The discount applies to the manufacturers' RRP.

This special offer is limited to one voucher per household.