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Bison Stairlifts

Bison is a leading manufacturer of stairlifts in the UK and offers stairlifts to fit almost any staircase.

Bison 50 - Straight Stairlift

Bison's latest straight stairlift is the Bison 50, which is based on the original Bison Compact model, but incorporates a number of additional design features. One of the key benefits of the Bison 50 is that it is a very slim stairlift, measuring under 12" (300mm) wide when folded up. This make it a good option to consider if you have particularly narrow or steep stairs, as it leave more space for other people in the house to use the stairs when the stairlift's not in use.
The Bison 50 has a number of built in features to ensure it's easy to use and offers a smooth ride, such as a swivel seat and adjustable seat height, as well as safety edges to sense any obstruction on the staircase. It has a rechargeable battery pack, so will continue to work even in a powercut. There are also several optional extras which can make life much easier for you.

You can choose the Auto Parking button, which makes it easier to fold up the seat and footrest when you want to park the stairlift, especially if you find it hard to bend. The low footrest is designed to be very close to the floor, to make it easier to get on and off without having to step, and it will stop level with the landing at the top of the stairs.

Bison 80 – Curved Stairlift

The Bison 80 has many of the useful features of Bison's straight stairlift, such as the slim design, low footrest and inside parking option. The difference is it uses a modular rail to enable it to be fitted to almost any type of curved staircase.

This Bison stairlift is designed to be comfortable and easy for anyone to use, with a rocker switch on the armrest as well as remote controls.