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Broken Lifts Trap Elderly in Stafford Flats

Elderly residents with mobility problems living in Lichfield Court, a sheltered housing complex in Stafford, have not been able to leave their flats for over 12 weeks.    Read More


Buildings Are Not Accessible Enough For Those With Mobility Problems

72% of disabled British adults don't have the access they need when entering and exiting their buildings, according to recent search from Leonard Cheshire Disability.    Read More


How to Qualify for Zero VAT on Stairlifts

Discover how you could be exempt from all VAT when buying your stairlift.    Read More


How to Get Free Grants Towards the Cost of Your Stairlift

The definitive guide on how to apply for and pass the UK government disability grant for stairlifts and other home adaptations.   Read More


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